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Nova WordPress Theme By Elegant Themes

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Nova WordPress Theme is a well-defined, simplistic style that produces for an user-friendly buyer experience. Nova’s biggest strength is going to be its homepage, that allows you to organize your own articles into 2 locations. The Featured Slider is perhaps probably the most versatile slider we have made, and comes as well as multiple slider variations that inhale new life into the design. Furthermore, we all’ve integrated additional options into WordPress to allow for the complete customization of each element. Now you have full deal with over your slider/tabs, and can simply adjust the title, button textual content, tagline, destination URL, thumbnail and and even video (independent from the actual content using the post/page in which powers the particular slide). Nova features a fully-function weblog and gallery section as well, creating Nova the full solution for your business online. Nova is one of our best Portfolio WordPress themes 2017 .

Nova WordPress Theme comes with an easy to use gallery feature. Even if this be accustomed to create a individual image heading on your web site, but this certain gallery can even be added to the homepage within the actual tabbed area under the text manager.

Nova WordPress Theme features a flexible slider with multiple slide variations. You can choose exactly how your slide will probably be aligned (Left, Correct or Center). The particular slider supports, Image, Film as well given that Media-free slideshow. You can also change between bordered/borderless images.

While the homepage is website-based, Nova WordPress Theme also comes having a fully function web site section. You can also allow BlogStyle mode in the event that you would like to replace the current webpage content with a classical blog feed.

Featured Pages are usually chosen pages which is going to show up under the particular slider as tabbed blurbs. For this specific purpose, Nova WordPress Theme extends the Edit Posts page together with settings like Plan Page Tab Subject matter, and Service Page Tab Subtitle (the tagline), and Personalized Link. The tabs order is arranged with the WordPress page attributes.

To produce setting up things such as the particular homepage slider and tabbed articles area easier, we now have added new options panels to you/pages. These adjustments allow you to customize all your slide or tabs, like the name, taglines, option text, thumbnail image, and also destination URL with the read a many more button.

Nova WordPress Theme is available in six different colors, including White, Red, Purple, Black, Glowing blue and Green. You can switch in between color schemes at at any time from within the particular ePanel Theme Options page. One more option is employing a child theme, which is very easily to setup up-wards at the Colorization Tab also.

A note regarding ElegantThemes’ pricing protection. Basically, ElegantThemes is not going to sell individual theme. You can only subscribe to a yearly take into account only $39. The actual membership provides you access to virtually all current and potential themes (84 to time) as well regarding support forum offered you decide to be a member.

Nova WordPress Theme Download

Nova WordPress Theme Download

Theme Features:

  • Customizable homepage
  • Gallery page features
  • Responsive design
  • Six Unique Colors
  • Drop down menus support
  • Collection of short-codes
  • Customizable thumbnail images
  • Valid XHTML + CSS
  • Frequent Updates
  • Technical support
  • Gravatar and Advertisement Ready
  • Localization Support
  • Smooth and tabless design
  • Customizable Blog-style Structure

Price: $39